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Project Cargo


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Shipping of oversized, out-of-gauge, heavy lift and other types of special cargo requires specialized skills and most of all – hands-on experience from handling such freight over many years. Being around as long as we have, we have confidence in our promise – whatever your challenge, we'll find the solution.  We will work together to understand the complexity of your requirements, think outside the box, plan and manage the project to suit your every need and deliver your freight in the most efficient manner.


Success stories


Helping to protect the US Army in Afghanistan


Due to the rise in the number of casualties in Afghanistan, the US Army set out to replace all armored vehicles in the region within 18 months; an unparalleled security and logistical project. The vehicles were manufactured in the US, while heavy lift protection kits were manufactured in Israel. Due to the urgency of the project, the protection kits were shipped by air, taking up nearly 50% of Israel's existing air export capacity at that time.


The project demanded more of everything, including flights. As scheduled flights were not enough to carry the loads, chartered flights were added and used to deliver the shipments on time.


It took a specialized team more than a year to transfer millions of kilos of equipment. Transworld is proud to have successfully concluded this project and to have been involved in such an important mission.


Digging a tunnel in Jerusalem


The digging of the Jerusalem tunnel was a mammoth project that required a mammoth engine.


Our task entailed customs clearing and shipping the 100 million dollar tunnel boring machine (TBM) rented especially for the project. Securely transferring the 4,000 ton machine to the tunnel digging site was a highly complex logistic project involving special trucking equipment, heavy lift cranes and coordination with national police for road closures. This was another project accomplished with great success by our experienced team.


project cargo - TBM


Moving a train off the tracks


Our mission involved moving more than 30 special train cars from Israel to Jordan - via land. The train cars, weighing more than 100 tons each, were used on a lease basis by the national rail company to lay new tracks across the country. Upon project completion the special cars were shipped to another customer in the Middle East.


Needless to say, the exceptional size and weight of the cargo demanded an intricate plan and perfect execution in close cooperation with our office in Jordan. Transworld arranged 300-ton cranes which were to lift the 105 ton engine and freight cars. These were then loaded and delivered via special transporters and a police escort to their final destination in Jordan. The successful project was completed over a period of 3 days.


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