Our History – Time Line

Thinking outside the box


Today we know that it's not the box, but the people who think outside of it that make Transworld so special.Transworld is proud to have 5 offices in the sea, air and land ports of Israel. It employs roughly 100 employees and continues to demonstrate solid growth and profitability.


Transworld expands and renovates its Tel Aviv Headquarters using the latest in modern design and equipping it with state-of-the-art communication and technology equipment.


Transworld and Expeditors win one of the largest air export projects in the history of Israel. The project lasts 12 months, comes from the defense sector and involves the export of hundreds of tons of armor and defense equipment to the U.S. on a weekly basis - working 24/7 shifts. Transworld oversee the entire project.


The name of the game is global logistics, as such; the company name is updated to: Transworld Logistics Ltd. Transworld is awarded the Outstanding Member of the Bureau award by the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, an honor bestowed annually on a select few, in recognition of its contributions to the development of the Chamber of Commerce over the years.


Transworld establishes a branch at the Jordan River Terminal - Sheikh Hussein, a land crossing to Jordan. In years to come Transworld would grow to occupy nearly 40% of the traffic through this terminal.


The company moves into its current residence, the Toyota Towers in Tel-Aviv.


A strategic cooperation agreement is signed between Transworld and Expeditors International, one of the world's largest global logistics companies. Expeditors provide Transworld with a global reach, innovative technology and a vast network. This collaboration opens new doors and widens Transworld’s horizons. The team expands and is at a headcount of 60 employees.


Following the peace treaty with Jordan, Transworld plays a major role in the development of Israeli-Jordanian trade and is involved with the transshipments of containers from free-trade zones in Jordan via the Haifa port and on to the U.S. Mr. Jacob Mohr is elected to the Israeli-Jordanian Chamber of Commerce.


Transworld establishes a branch at Haifa Port, Israel’s largest sea port, and begins handling all dispatch processes on site.


Transworld establishes a branch at Ben Gurion International Airport, supporting urgent deliveries 24 hours a day. Employee headcount is now at 40 employees!


A major contract is signed with General Dynamics for the import and export of the IAF F16 aircrafts. The project lasted over a decade and brought in much new expertise including: handling of large cargo and hazardous material (in huge quantities). Feelings of satisfaction and success extended beyond the company’s management and employees and rose to a national level. Everyone was very proud - this was a security project of utmost importance.


Mentesh's son, Jacob Mohr, decides to join his father's business; bringing with him the wind of change. The name on the door is changed to "Transworld M. Mordechay and Sons Ltd." and the office is moved to a new venue. The new company is ready to begin its new operations as an international freight forwarding business. The business quickly grew; International relations were developed and with it the company's operations, employees were hired and things were looking good.


Mentesh, together with his wife and younger son, continues to grow the business, and support the development of international trade with the United States as the relations between the two countries strengthened.


Transworld establishes a branch at Ashdod Port. This is to be the first of several port-bound branches, giving on-ground support and immediate response from within Israel's 2nd largest sea port.


M. Mordechay supports massive importation of basic commodities to help the young country deal with the national austerity measures in effect, helping to provide the basic needs of the growing population.


The State of Israel is declared and Mentesh continues to play a major role in the development of local government, laying down the foundations for international trade.


The Tel Aviv port is officially opened and Mentesh Mordehay, who was one of the founding members of the nation’s Chamber of Commerce, plays a leading role in the port's development.


Mentesh invites a Lebanese partner to join the growing business. His partner later disappears during the 1936 riots. Following the riots Mentesh moves his business to a small office on Jaffa Rd. in Tel Aviv, where it remained for the next 45 years.

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Mentesh Mordechay, a Greek immigrant to Israel, opens a customs clearing agency in a tiny shed on the Jaffa Port. The name of the new business is M. Mordechay. Mentesh carries his office in his briefcase and works closely with personnel of the British Mandate which occupies Israel at the time.



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