Customs & Compliance

Always in the Know
Transworld started out as a customs agency in 1932 and has kept its finger on the pulse of this ever-changing discipline. Ensuring it remains intimately familiar with the intricacies of customs and compliance regulations, Transworld is equipped to provide you with an optimized solution for your needs.
Accurate classification and proper planning go a long way in global logistics, that is why our team of certified, experienced clearing agents are devoted to the process: listening, understanding your exact requirements, weighing in all trade regulations and agreements at global, regional, national and local levels, and creating an optimized customs and compliance solution for cost efficient, seamless global logistics.
Our Customs Brokerage department covers all aspects of the clearance process, offering you a fully transparent, internationally synchronized process that can be monitored online at any time.


Our Services:

  • Complete control over import and export processes
  • Familiarity with global, regional, national and local trade regulations
  • Optimized classification and customs plan while maintaining strict compliance
  • Consulting on licensing and government agency requirements
  • Preparation, processing and transmission of necessary customs declarations
  • Same-day electronic clearance processing
  • Internationally synchronized technological solutions


Your Benefits:

  • Cost efficient, seamless global logistics
  • Efficient end-to-end handling
  • Minimize risk and potential costs of non-compliance
  • Online monitoring of the entire clearance process



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