Cold Chain

White Glove Treatment for Your Sensitive Goods
Your sensitive goods require sensitive handling, that's why we have developed and perfected a suite of Cold Chain solutions. Providing your cargo with its requirements, while you get peace of mind knowing your freight will receive premium white glove treatment.
Our vast experience in shipping fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other temperature sensitive commodities, has provided us with the experience required to create a failsafe cold chain. Our failsafe, uninterrupted cold chain relies on a series of shipping, storage and distribution solutions to maintain a given temperature range, while our advanced logging, documentation and management systems provide constant tracking, verification and control of the freight temperature every step of the way.


Our Services:

  • Uninterrupted cold chain
  • Temperature controlled warehousing and specialized distribution partners
  • Special attention and white glove treatment to temperature sensitive goods
  • Temperature data loggers and RFID tags monitor temperature history throughout the delivery cycle
  • Protocol compliant documentation of each step of the cold supply chain
  • Global network ensuring end-to-end quality service
  • Internationally synchronized technological solutions


Your Benefits:

  • An experienced specialized team
  • Accurate logging and documentation assure end-to-end quality
  • Ability to determine the exact shelf life of a product (by having the precise temperature throughout the delivery cycle)
  • Complete visibility throughout
  • Peace of mind knowing your sensitive goods are handled with sensitivity and care



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